"John helped me with my unhappy marriage, lack of confidence and not knowing what to do with my life…He really listened to me and made me value myself for the first time, recognising only I could change me feeling unhappy. I’ve noticed when I follow his suggestions I feel happier and more confident. His Hypnotherapy sessions eliminated deep issues that I carried for decades. This was life changing for me."


Sue Humphries

Client, Darlington

"Here at Camp Katur we call him ‘Wellness John’ and every time he visits everyone feels instantly calm. John did some amazingly complicated work with some staff that helped unpick deep pain, allowing individuals to move on from issues that had been holding them back for a long time. We enjoyed a half-day coaching and meditation session with him - dealing with work and personal issues in one go - and the results were immeasurable."



Owner, Camp Katur, Kirklington, Bedale DL8 2LS​

"John immersed himself with Planet Leisure, gaining a thorough knowledge and insight of how the business operated, finding opportunities for growth. John spent time working with key individuals, understanding their strengths and addressing weaknesses through targeted training and mentoring.


Through improvement John drove through in Customer Service and John’s network, we have diversified what we provide as a Service and formed partnerships with key Companies. This has had a very positive impact of turnover and has enabled us to use the facility more effectively during quiet periods. "


 Darren Peckitt

Business Owner, Planet Leisure, Aycliffe Business Park and Serial Entrepeneur 

"I have worked in the NHS for many years, struggling with anxiety and stress. It affected my work and home life. John helped me overcome these horrible conditions with a very focussed, kind and intelligent approach. I felt safe and calm from the start and loved the way John got me to change my old ways of thinking without me even realising I was doing it.... Sometimes he had me giggling at the silliness of life, other times drawing out painful tears that felt so good to lose as I could feel emotional pain leave me permanently.”


Jayne Earnshaw


"I struggled more than 30 years. Traditional therapists didn’t help. Success in the hotel industry simply meant longer hours. Stress and anxiety were literally killing me. Reluctantly I sought help from John and things changed for the better; I considered a new career, accepting 80hrs a week were destroying me. While we built a plan for my future work life, John also got to work on my emotions and painful relationship history. I am now happily married to a wonderful lady. I live in Holland, completely out of my comfort zone, living an adventure every day.... very recently I become a father for the first time. I feel amazingly lucky. Thank you John x."


Mark Shepherd

London, Holland

"John helped me overcome longstanding doubts about my ability to feel happy and ever find love. He helped me find the strength to leave an unhappy long-term relationship and find ‘me’ again.


He took away deep rooted demons using Hypnotherapy and coaching, resulting in me finding a lovely man.


Hypnotherapy helped me maintain my levels of resilience and inner strength, whilst having treatment for cancer over the last 12 months, and also with dealing with the after effects of this.

I don’t know exactly how he did these things, as I was initially very sceptical and scared. I’m so glad I gave these things a chance through John. I would recommend him to anyone."



North Yorkshire 

"I've known John for a number of years on a personal and professional level. I'd say he always puts the needs of his clients first and has a genuine passion and desire to help other people. Working with John you'll get energy, honesty and humour. You'll also be challenged to think differently so that you can get the most out of the coaching process."


Jane Simpson

Careers Development Trainer and Coach; North Yorkshire 

"John is a caring and insightful hypnotherapist. He not only manages to put you at ease but creates a personal environment for you to feel special in the moment. I can fully recommend John as I have personally experienced his work in supporting to build my own confidence and self-esteem during a difficult period of my life."


Jane Bourne


CBT Psychotherapist CBT Psychotherapist, Clinical Researcher, Dramatherapist & Vice Chair of the British Association of Dramatherapists (Badth), North Yorkshire  

"His approach to helping clients is unique and most importantly, it works. I know this from personal experience and feedback from people I have referred to him over the years. I see why so many coaches and other therapists reach out to John if things sometimes become too much. I trust, respect and recommend John if you are serious about taking control of your life and making changes that will help you most. Using humour is a skill few therapists feel comfortable doing or can do well. John has that ability and - when suitable - will use humour so that you literally look back on tough times and laugh at them in a way you didn’t think possible. It is important to recognise this funny personality does not detract from the man’s high level of intelligence."


Dominic Riches

Psychotherapist, CBP, Client, London

"I’ve known John for over 21 years initially through training, coaching, joint projects and subsequently as a friend whose opinion and experience is invaluable. I have seen him engage with people and instigate changes in self-belief and confidence.


I respect John for his constant desire to learn, research and seek advice especially on matters covering equality, diversity, inclusion, coaching and training.


John combines a very funny personality with a humbleness that places each client at the forefront of anything done in sessions. He is driven to help people with a genuine passion few professionals have.


A welcome friend at BTEG, he has use of our training facilities when he works in London."


Tebussum Rashid (Tebs)

Deputy Chief Executive BTEG (Black Training Enterprise Group) and Director (Sukoon Training Consultancy) London 


...because if your question is can I help you? My answer is yes.