I use a range of techniques to guide you to achieve what you really seek from your life. To help you value you, perhaps for the first time.


And most importantly, understand and believe that “you are enough”; “more than enough”.


These include hypnotherapy coaching, mindfulness, meditation and wellbeing. Whether you’re in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, or London, I serve you to accomplish everything you seek in life and achieve real, lasting change.


I intend for you to have fun during sessions, no matter how difficult the situation might be, as the less we focus on the seriousness of things, the sooner the feelings subside.


Our sessions may be spent chatting, challenging the way you think or spending time reflecting in the great outdoors. I use hypnotherapy and coaching techniques that will work best for you. I always treat you as an individual and my rule is that you are in control. I’m here to guide and support you to succeed.


Do not be surprised if I am the first person who truly believes in you and really listens to you with respect. 

I only want the very best for all my clients and that means you. My only focus is the person in front of me in each session or the group in front of me in each session.


I invest a lot of money in my own development and career. This means you can be sure I offer the highest standards & best practice in Hypnotherapy and coaching when we work together.



...because if your question is can I help you? My answer is yes.