I am honoured to be the resident Hypnotherapist (and Coach) at the highly respected Park View Medical Centre. I offer life changing 1-1 sessions through specialised hypnosis.


I provide the full array of all my services in the Clinic, including HypnotherapyCoachingMeditationMindfulness and Wellbeing in 1-1 sessions and for small groups.


I use what works best for you. I look forward to meeting you soon.

North Yorkshire​

I was born & bred in Great Ayton. Living here again, I offer sessions from my home when I feel it suits both you and me.


However, I do love to use the amazing Nature in my region as a backdrop for helping clients heal and make huge changes in their lives.


Whether in the countryside or at the beach, I enjoy witnessing clients experience huge change through the work we do, just applying some healing techniques I offer while letting Mother Nature do her magic. 

Camp Katur ​

Perfect for a group to get together and immerse themselves in nature and it’s healing properties. Working alongside various expert practitioners I host retreats that help heal the mind and body using a combination of hypnotherapy, coaching, wellbeing, meditation and mindfulness.


Here I host retreats from one to three days for groups. For unique cases I do work 1-1 with clients.


FREE events each year will be run to support members of the Blue Light Charity (Police, Fire, Ambulance) & Armed Services as a thank you to all those who serve us so well.


Please contact John for more information.


In offices some 200 meters from Kings Cross Train Station, it is easy to access this great location in the  modern and easy to access home of BTEG (Black Training and Enterprise Group) .


Here I offer my whole range of services when I am in London and look forward to helping you live a positive and calm life in our busy capital city.


With advance agreement I do will visit clients at their home and visit workplaces to provide group sessions.


BTEG (Black Training Enterprise Group) 2nd Floor, 200a Pentonville Road, London N1 9JP


...because if your question is can I help you? My answer is yes.