With hypnotherapy you can...


Ease stress, anxiety and panic attacks

Ease depression

Stop smoking, habits and addictions

Improve relationships

Overcome fears and phobias

Build confidence and self-worth

Improve performance at work

Combat exam and public speaking nerves

Manage weight, diet and irritable bowel syndrome

Improve sleeping patterns

Deal with PTSD, abuse, bullying

Stop feeling you are not good enough

How does hypnotherapy work?​

Imagine living your life as the best, happiest version of yourself. Hypnotherapy helps you achieve this – it uses guided relaxation as a way to focus the mind and create a heightened state of awareness. 


As a trained hypnotherapist, it’s my role to help you enter a relaxed state and guide you through it. To achieve change, we need to explore the reasons behind unwanted behaviours. I help you access reasons why bad thoughts and unwanted habits exist, then together we get rid of them. Research has shown that people under hypnosis are more inclined to permanent change and are more successful in making lasting changes.

How do I work?​

Primarily I offer 1 on 1 hypnotherapy however I also run sessions using hypnosis techniques & speaking to groups in the workplace, at the Clinic in Middlesbrough, and outdoors in nature.


...because if your question is can I help you? My answer is yes.