Mindfulness is a full mind and body approach that helps people manage their thoughts and feelings, for better mental health. Essentially, it’s about finding happiness in the things that are all around us – and they don’t cost a penny.


Mindfulness is about being emotionally present and really enjoying the moment, experiencing everything life has to offer. Often this means slowing down, focusing your attention only where it is needed so you can let go of unwanted stresses and bad habits. I offer mindfulness sessions in London, Middlesbrough and North Yorkshire, as well as online by video call.

How does mindfulness work?​

We look at different dimensions of mindfulness:

Attention to the present: what is happening in the here and now.

Acceptance: removing all judgement and accepting that your thoughts, behaviours and emotions are valid.


Awareness of your actions: focusing your full attention on your activities rather than being on autopilot.​


Mindfulness is helping someone understand why they get angry in traffic, why they get frustrated when someone doesn’t eat everything on their plate, why they feel sad work finishes and home begins, why they get angry and need to shout and so on.


Instead of seeing things this way, I help people see that same experience in a different way, with calmness. Considering why their emotions are there and how that can be broken down into the reasons behind the reaction.


Primarily I offer 1 on 1 mindfulness sessions however I also run sessions using hypnosis techniques and speaking to groups in the workplace.


...because if your question is can I help you? My answer is yes.