With meditation you can:


Change what you struggle with

Learn and like who you are

Let go of physical and emotional pain

Get a new perspective on personal issues

Deal with relationship issues

Reduce stress and anxiety

Increase focus on work and improve communication with a clear mind


My meditation sessions are accessible to everyone​

Individual and group meditation sessions are available in London, Middlesbrough and online by video call. I also run wellbeing retreats in . By putting yourself first, meditation puts you in a much better place to heal yourself and support those around you.


I offer individual and group sessions at work, at home, online, at the clinic or in nature. Many people are amazed how powerful a natural setting can be when we really connect with the sea, parks, mountains and environment around us. We’ll use the deep calm of water, fresh air, the sun and more to bring inner peace. By embracing the wonders of nature we don’t usually notice we can enrich our lives so much. 


...because if your question is can I help you? My answer is yes.